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  • Published: Nov 8th, 2011

Hobocombo November December Tour

14 November@Plattfon, Basel
15 November@Ferme du Bierau, Louvain La Neuve
16 November@Bonnefoi, Bruxelles
18 November@Altes Finanzamt, Berlin
23 November@Teatro Camploy, Verona
01 December@Fanfulla, Rome
02 December@Centro Sociale di Ponte a Poppi, Arezzo
04 December@TPO, Bologna
06 December@Tago Mago, Marina di Massa

Nice review from Vital Weekly about Hobocombo’s “now that is the opposite, it’s twice upon a time” CD
At my first listening of this CD I put the cd in my player without taking much notice of the information. While listening to the sympathetic melodies and songs that passed by, I wondered as they sounded very familiar. No wonder when I inspected the cd more carefully. This is a CD with a selection of Moondog songs.  Moondog, Louis Hardin, that strange loner, who played with Charlie Parker, worked as a streetmusician, recorded  works with a complete orchestra, and recorded records for organ, or poppy songs like on ‘H’art Songs’. This reworking by the italian Hobocombo shows that this music is still very enjoyable and worthwhile.
Hobocombo is a trio of Rocco Marchi (guitar, voice), Francesca Baccolini (double bass, voice) and Andrea Belfi (drums, voice). Their Moondog-project was born in April 2010 at the Verona Risuona Festival  that  took place on the streets of  Verona,  Italy. They selected 7 compositions for this tribute. Four of them (‘ Theme’, ‘Stamping Ground’ ,’Birds Lament’ and ’Witch of Endor’) are taken from “Moondog” (1970). ‘Be a Hobo’ and ‘All is Loneliness’ ares from “Moondog 2″(1971). The closing piece, ‘Enough about human rights’ comes from “H’art Songs” (1978). They do a very inspired job and stay close to the atmosphere of the original recordings as far as I know them, which says something of their capability to rearrange these compositions for this trio format. Well done! (DM)

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